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Lab5 AS

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#include "funshield.h"
constexpr int digit_positions = sizeof(digit_muxpos) / sizeof(digit_muxpos[0]);
void writeGlyphBitmask( byte glyph, byte pos_bitmask) {
digitalWrite( latch_pin, LOW);
shiftOut( data_pin, clock_pin, MSBFIRST, glyph);
shiftOut( data_pin, clock_pin, MSBFIRST, pos_bitmask);
digitalWrite( latch_pin, HIGH);
void writeGlyphR(byte glyph, int pos)
writeGlyphBitmask(glyph, digit_muxpos[digit_positions - pos - 1]);
void writeGlyphL(byte glyph, int pos)
writeGlyphBitmask(glyph, digit_muxpos[pos]);
void writeDigit(int n, int pos)
writeGlyphR(digits[n], pos);
void setup() {
pinMode(latch_pin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(data_pin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(clock_pin, OUTPUT);
void loop() {
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
writeDigit(1, 0);
writeDigit(2, 1);
writeDigit(3, 2);
writeDigit(4, 3);
......@@ -96,13 +96,16 @@
<td>Segmentový displej - multiplex</td>
<td><!--Časový multiplex
&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="">5.3</a>
&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="">5.4</a>
&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="">5.5</a>
&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="">5.5b</a>
<a class="file_link" href="download/smelko/nswi170-lab05-as.pdf">
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<a href="download/smelko/cvicenie5.txt">
poznámky k 5. cvičeniu
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