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The IR instructions `Load`, `Store`, `Ret` as well as the arguments of `Call` can copy any IR type including structures (they can even copy arrays, only the rules of C prohibit that). No iteration through fields in your part of compiler is required (and there is no support for it in the framework).
### How to pass the additional arguments to a variadic function?
Variadic arguments in C have special rules:
- every integer type converted to (at least) int
- every FP type converted to at least double
- arrays are converted to pointers as usual
Inside `printf`, the consequences are, e.g., that `%c` means "expect int argument".
In Cecko, it simply means converting `_Bool` and `char` to `int` (by `ZExt`) and arrays to pointers (by `CreateConstInBoundsGEP2_32`).
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