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# Cecko Ref
# Cecko Skeleton
The reference solution of Cecko.
### Merging changes from the Skeleton repository
In each local copy, create the skeleton_master branch to mirror the state of the skeleton:
git remote add upstream
git fetch upstream master:skeleton_master
Repeat the fetch every time Skeleton repository is updated,
then merge the changes to the local master:
git merge skeleton_master
See also [Creating your Cecko repository](doc/
### Publishing skeleton updates back to the Skeleton repository
**Put all updates to the skeletal parts to separated commits.**
These commits shall not contain any changes to the reference solution.
Switch to the skeleton_master branch, cherry-pick the skeleton updates,
switch back to the master and merge them back to the local master:
git checkout skeleton_master
git cherry-pick <commit>...
git checkout master
git merge skeleton_master
Check the results in the git Log.
Push the skeleton_master changes to the Skeleton repository:
git push upstream skeleton_master:master
The skeleton of Cecko.
## Getting Started
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* [Creating your Cecko repository](doc/
* [Building Cecko](doc/
* [Running and debugging Cecko](doc/
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