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info about dual-ESC steering to ChangeLog and MANUAL

parent 94752c26
*0.3.1 ()
DIG mix can be set to channel 1 to have dual-ESC steering (boat, tank, ...)
*0.3.0 (24 Jun 2011)
added globally settable key long-press delay
......@@ -86,7 +86,8 @@ Standard menu:
- 4WS and DIG mixes
> choose menu EPOINT and press ENTER-long
> menu EPOINT will blink
> select one of mixes 4WS (4) or DIG (d)
> select one of mixes 4WS (4) or DIG (d) - for dual-ESC steering select
DIG channel 1
> press ENTER and choose channel for this mix or OFF
> press ENTER and set mix in range -100...0...100 %
0% is default and means both channel have same max steering/throttle
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