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4WD, DIG and steering speed to MANUAL and ChangeLog

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*0.2.0 (9 Jun 2011)
added 4WS mix
added DIG mix
added steering speed (Turn, Return)
*0.1.0 (2 Jun 2011)
......@@ -20,10 +20,10 @@ You can backup your original firmware and config, use tabs "PROGRAM MEMORY" and
Global characteristics:
- up to 22 models memory (will be less at the future after adding more
functions and more channels)
- up to 21 models memory (for 6-channel firmware,will be less at the future
after adding more functions and more channels)
> numbers 10-19 will show with Right-Arrow
> numbers 20-21 will show with Left-Arrow
> numbers 20-29 will show with Left-Arrow
- added Subtrims
- added SaveAs to save model config to another memory location
- added Global Setup menu to change function features, including backlight time,
......@@ -73,6 +73,24 @@ Standard menu:
> menu TRIM will blink
> set subtrims for each channel
> press ENTER/BACK to end this submenu
- Steering speed
> choose menu D/R and press ENTER-long
> menu D/R wil blink
> now only channel 1 can be selected
> turn wheel left to show left arrow - this represents Turn speed 1-100%
> turn wheel right to show right arrow - this represents Return speed 1-100%
100% means no delay
1% means above 4s delay end to end
- 4WS and DIG mixes
> choose menu EPOINT and press ENTER-long
> menu EPOINT will blink
> select one of mixes 4WS (4) or DIG (d)
> press ENTER and choose channel for this mix or OFF
> press ENTER and set mix in range -100...0...100 %
0% is default and means both channel have same max steering/throttle
100% means 100% reduce on rear steering/throttle (eg. no steering)
-100% means 100% reduce on front steering/throttle (eg. no steering)
> for 4WS press ENTER and select crab (CRB) or no-crab (NOC)
- Key mapping specific for each model:
> choose menu REV and press ENTER-long
> menu REV will blink
......@@ -197,6 +215,10 @@ DRS, DRF, DRB - dualrate of steering/forward/back
EXS, EXF, EXB - expo of steering/forward/back
CHn - change channel "n" value in range -100...100
STn - subtrim of channel "n"
4WS - 4 wheel steering mix -100...100%
DIG - DIG throttle mix -100...100%
SST - steering speed turn 1...100%
SSR - steering speed return 1...100%
......@@ -209,4 +231,5 @@ CHn - switch channel "n" value from one end value to opposite end
selected for this button, then centre 3-pos value will also
be detected and set to servo (but this was not tested yet,
I wouldn't do this modification to my radio).
4WS - switch crab (CRB) no-crab (NOC) for 4 wheel steering
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