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lap timer to MANUAL and ChangeLog, cleanup TODO

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......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
added ability to select number of channels (2-MAX_CHANNELS) for each
model, less channels means less delay
poweron warn when not-centered now has separate global option
added up/down timers with throttle trigger start
added up/down/lap timers with throttle trigger start
added BRK button function to override throttle and apply full brake
big internal changes handling different menus, key mapping uses
2-char option identification instead of various symbols
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ Global characteristics:
- added inactivity alarm
- added settable servo speed
- added 4WS, DIG, MultiPosition functions
- added timers (up, down, lap count)
- added timers (up, down, lap, lap count)
......@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@ Operating timers:
- press ENTER to set timer params, use it as usual menu:
H set throttle trigger start OFF/ON
timer will start after
throttle forward
throttle forward applied
A set alarm 0..255
in laps for lap counter
in minutes for others
......@@ -215,14 +215,33 @@ Operating timers:
TxR stop + reset timer
DWN down timer
TxS start/pause timer
TxR stop + reset timer
TxR stop + reset timer and save rest time
to lap times
when alarmed at time 0, starts counting
up with "V" symbol blinking
LAP lap timer - not done yet
LPC lap counter
LAP lap timer - 100 lap times are saved
TxS record lap time, show it for 3s blinking
and during this time presses are ignored
to eliminate double click
when timer not running, start timer
when timer alarmed, stop timer and save
lap time
TxR stop timer
LPC lap counter - till 255 laps
TxS increment lap counter, minimum 3 seconds
between presses are required to eliminate
double click
between presses are required to eliminate
double click
TxR zero lap counter
- pres ENTER-long to show saved lap times (only for LAP and DWN timers):
> It is possible to see lap number (indicated by 'L' at 7seg number)
or time showed as other timer values. Press ENTER to switch between
lap number and time value
> use rotate encoder to switch between lap numbers or lap times
> there are special lap number identificators also at 3char display:
- Txx - total time, 'xx' is number of laps
- Axx - average time, 'xx' is number of laps
- RES - pres ENTER and lap times will be erased, it is also
displayed when showing lap time
- up/down/lap
- ignore lap button after press for 3 seconds to eliminate double clicks
- lap time - after press show last time for 3s and then current time
- somewhere show list of lap times
- start with throttle
- main screens - ENTER stops and allows to set alarm/throttle start/
show lap counts
- TimerUpReset - stop+reset to 0
- TimerUpStart - start/stop
- alarm
- TimerDownReset - stop+reset to alarm time
- TimerDownStart - reset to alarm time+restart
- alarm - then count up
- TimerLapReset - stop/reset
- TimerLapInc - start/count/stop after alarm
- alarm
- LapCountInc - count
- time format
00.0 % - 2-minutes, 1-10ths seconds
000 % - 1-minutes, 2-seconds
00.0 - 2-seconds, 1-0.1 seconds
000 - 1-seconds, 2-0.01 seconds
timer losikid
1 or 2 timers on extra main screens
ENTER selects timers settings
timer type
lap timer - alarm, @lap, @stop, reset (at lap times screen)
ignore lap button for 3s
show lap time for 3s
lap counter - @lap, @reset
alarm after num laps
ignore lap button for 3s
count up - alarm, @pause, @reset
cound down - alarm, @pause, @reset (save rest to lap timers)
? lap timer down - laps_count
throttle start
ENTER-long selects lap times
look at times
reset all data
? linear CH3 with potentiometer
linear CH3 with potentiometer
- global option to choose CH3 is a pot
- don't read CH3 key in read_keys()
- key mapping assign trim function and reverse
- at begin of CALC, convert CH3 val to assigned function
- calibrate low and high values at calib menu
? selectable frame length with constant frame/constant sync
selectable frame length with constant frame/constant sync
- global option to choose constant frame/constant sync (9ms..)
- global option to set frame/sync length (3ms..)
- add code to ppm_calc_sync() to use global options
? more multi-positions - 2 for 6ch, 4 for 8ch, 4-pos is enought
CH3-8 position settable from menu
? use also flash memory to store model configs
possibility to copy model stored at flash
? do it transparent, model configs at 128B blocks
? more multi-positions - 2 for 6ch, 4 for 8ch, 4-pos is enought
? PPM input for head tracking gyro
- pin PD7 TLI non-maskable interrupt at signal edge
- or pin PD1 (SWIM), PD5, PD6 with pin change interrupt at signal edge
......@@ -71,7 +32,6 @@ timer losikid
Some suggestions taken from manuals of other radios:
? CH3-8 position settable from menu
programmable mixes
throttle speed 1-3 SPEED 1-100%, trigger points 1-100
throttle acceleration
......@@ -93,14 +53,6 @@ throttle mode FWD50/BRK50 or FWD70/BRK30
throttle Idle-Up 0-50%
indications of more than 10 models
backlight_time in seconds and than bigger steps
lights, winch, transmission, horn
modes - onroad+offroad/expedition/crawler/ship
? is "all model reset" needed
PC editor
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