Commit ee51d5d4 authored by cermak's avatar cermak
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[FIX] panel submiting proposal

parent 293f7714
......@@ -155,7 +155,7 @@ The board report has two parts - visible and hidden to the user."""
if self.user.has_perm('app.takeover_panel') and prop.last_status == 'W':
allowed.append('R') # will be in panel
showRemark = showHidden = False
if self.user.has_perm('app.takeover_panel') or (self.user.has_perm('app.approve_panel') and prop.reporter.uid == self.user):
if self.user.has_perm('app.takeover_panel') or (self.user.has_perm('app.approve_panel') and prop.reporter and prop.reporter.uid == self.user):
if prop.last_status == 'R':
allowed.append('D') # will be by director
allowed.append('P') # will be in preparation
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