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[newport/smc]: improve error handling

by checking the errorstate after each command.
For this to work reliable, a delay between commands needs to be introduced,
as not all commands reply.
+ fix an oversight in _query, where the prefix (=cmd) was not stripped

Change-Id: I6a68f0b3644c183ce3b9ab8da98698eb1670c3fd

Tested-by: default avatarJenkins Automated Tests <>
Tested-by: default avatarEnrico Faulhaber <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarGeorg Brandl <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarEnrico Faulhaber <>
parent d67ce0d0
......@@ -20,13 +20,81 @@
# Module authors:
# Stefan Rainow <>
# Georg Brandl <>
# Enrico Faulhaber <>
# *****************************************************************************
from entangle import base
from entangle.core import ALARM, BUSY, FAULT, OFF, ON, Prop, intrange, subdev
from entangle.core.errors import NotSupported
from entangle.core.errors import NotSupported, InvalidOperation, TimedOut
from entangle.lib.util import format_statusbits
# sleep between commands, manual says: >= 10ms for single controller, >= 16ms for daisy chained
DELAY = 0.020
A='Unknown message code or floating point controller address.',
B='Controller address not correct.',
C='Parameter missing or out of range.',
D='Execution not allowed.',
E='Home sequence already started.',
F='ESP stage name unknown.',
G='Target position or displacement out of limits.',
H='Execution not allowed in NOT REFERENCED state.',
I='Execution not allowed in CONFIGURATION state.',
J='Execution not allowed in DISABLE state.',
K='Execution not allowed in READY state.',
L='Execution not allowed in HOMING state.',
M='Execution not allowed in MOVING state.',
P='Command not allowed for SMC100PP version.',
S='Communication Time Out.',
U='Error during EEPROM access.',
X='Command not allowed for SMC100CC version.'
'Negative end of run',
'Positive end of run',
'Peak current limit',
'rms current limit',
'Short circuit detected',
'Following error',
'Time out while homing',
'Bad ESP stage',
'DC voltage too low',
'80W output power exceeded',
'undefined bit 10 set',
'undefined bit 11 set',
'undefined bit 12 set',
'undefined bit 13 set',
'undefined bit 14 set',
'undefined bit 15 set',
0x0a: (FAULT, 'NOT REFERENCED from reset'),
0x0b: (FAULT, 'NOT REFERENCED from homing'),
0x0c: (FAULT, 'NOT REFERENCED from configuration'),
0x0d: (FAULT, 'NOT REFERENCED from disable'),
0x0e: (FAULT, 'NOT REFERENCED from ready'),
0x0f: (FAULT, 'NOT REFERENCED from moving'),
0x10: (FAULT, 'NOT REFERENCED: ESP stage error'),
0x11: (FAULT, 'NOT REFERENCED from jogging'),
0x14: (BUSY, 'in configuration mode'),
0x1e: (BUSY, 'homing'), # commanded by RS232
0x1f: (BUSY, 'homing by local pad'), # commanded by local pad
0x28: (BUSY, 'moving'),
0x32: (ON, 'homing succeeded'), # after homing
0x33: (ON, ''), # after moving
0x34: (ON, ''), # after enableing out of disabled
0x35: (ON, ''), # after jogging
0x3c: (OFF, 'off'), # disabled after ready
0x3d: (OFF, 'off'), # disabled after moving
0x3e: (OFF, 'off'), # disbaled after jogging
0x46: (BUSY, 'JOGGING from ready'),
0x47: (BUSY, 'JOGGING from disable'),
class Motor(base.Motor):
"""Device for the Newport SMC motor controller."""
......@@ -43,41 +111,53 @@ class Motor(base.Motor):
'flowctrl': 'xonxoff',
def _tell(self, cmd):
self._iodev.WriteLine('%s%s' % (self.address, cmd))
def _query(self, cmd, writeline=False):
cmd = '%d%s' % (self.address, cmd)
# always wait DELAY between comms.
# always check errorcode after a cmd
res = self._iodev.MultiCommunicate(([DELAY if writeline else -DELAY, -DELAY],
[cmd, '%dTE' % self.address]))
te_code = res[-1][-1]
if te_code in ERROR_CODES:
raise InvalidOperation(ERROR_CODES[te_code])
return None if writeline else res[0][len(cmd):]
def _query(self, cmd):
return self._iodev.Communicate('%s%s' % (self.address, cmd))
def _tell(self, cmd):
self._query(cmd, writeline=True)
def init(self):
self._iodev = self.connect_client('iodev', self.iodev, 'StringIO')
self.hw_version = self._query('VE')
self.hw_version = self._query('VE').strip()
self._tell('SR%f' % self.absmax)
self._tell('SL%f' % self.absmin)
if self.absmin != self.absmax and self.absmin != 0:
self._tell('SR%f' % self.absmax)
self._tell('SL%f' % self.absmin)
def state(self):
state = self._query('TS')[-2:]
if state in ('0A', '0B', '0C', '0D', '0E', '0F'):
return FAULT, 'not referenced'
elif state == '14':
return BUSY, 'in configuration mode'
elif state in ('1E', '1F'):
return BUSY, 'homing'
elif state in ('28', '46', '47'):
return BUSY, 'moving'
elif state in ('32', '33', '34', '35'):
return ON, 'idle'
elif state in ('3C', '3D', '3E'):
return OFF, 'off'
# according to the manual these were all the possible states.
# just in case there are more:
return ALARM, state
res = self._query('TS')
flags = int(res[-6:-2], 16)
state = int(res[-2:], 16)
# status code, status text
if state in STATES:
stc, stt = STATES[state]
stc, stt = ALARM, 'unknown state %s encountered!' % hex(state)
flags = format_statusbits(flags, FLAGS)
if flags:
stt = '%s, %s' % (flags, stt)
return stc, stt
def Reset(self):
for _ in range(10):
except (InvalidOperation, TimedOut):
def On(self):
......@@ -92,7 +172,7 @@ class Motor(base.Motor):
raise NotSupported('MoveCont is not supported')
def Reference(self):
def read_speed(self):
return float(self._query('VA?'))
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