Commit 7d0fce1f authored by cermak's avatar cermak
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Improve timing

Change-Id: I751bed184ba1ce202c7b591ed46812f3cda48f9d
parent 5757045e
...@@ -43,9 +43,9 @@ class StringIO(SerialStringIO): ...@@ -43,9 +43,9 @@ class StringIO(SerialStringIO):
if self.read_availableLines(): if self.read_availableLines():
break break
self.log.debug("waiting for response") self.log.debug("waiting for response")
sleep(0.05) sleep(0.1)
else: else:
raise CommunicationFailure(f"no response in 5s") raise CommunicationFailure(f"no response in 10s")
firstline = self.ReadLine() firstline = self.ReadLine()
if firstline != msg: if firstline != msg:
raise CommunicationFailure(f"command not repeated {firstline}!={msg}") raise CommunicationFailure(f"command not repeated {firstline}!={msg}")
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