Commit 96ce5d40 authored by Kučera Petr RNDr. Ph.D.'s avatar Kučera Petr RNDr. Ph.D.
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Code cleaning

parent 2d1868df
......@@ -656,7 +656,6 @@ SUBool::PCLearnComp::CheckNegativeExample(const LitImpl &neg)
return false;
PartialAssignment alpha(mHypothesis.ReprMaxVariable());
if (neg.ConsSize() > neg.BodySize())
return true;
......@@ -913,6 +912,11 @@ SUBool::PCLearnComp::AddNegativeExample(LitImpl e)
// TODO: It would be faster to use mNegatives as an implication system for
// checking PC (if using implication system for the check)
// Also, hypothesis minimization is not essential if using implication system,
// the implication system can be used also for checking empowerement. mNegatives
// is reduced as it is a GD basis anyway.
SUBool::PCLearnComp::AddNegativeToHypothesis(const LitImpl &e)
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