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vector_set class header

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* Project SUBool
* Petr Kucera, 2022
/**@file vector_set.h
* Set representation based on a sorted vector.
#ifndef __VECTOR_SET_H
#define __VECTOR_SET_H
#include <vector>
namespace SUBol
// API based on std library, so that it can be used in templates wherever
// std::set can be used.
template <class Key, class Compare = std::less<Key>,
class Allocator = std::allocator<Key>>
class VectorSet
using key_type = Key;
using value_type = Key;
using vector_type = std::vector<Key, Allocator>;
using size_type = typename vector_type::size_type;
using difference_type = typename vector_type::difference_type;
using key_compare = Compare;
using value_compare = Compare;
using allocator_type = Allocator;
using reference = value_type &;
using const_reference = const value_type &;
using pointer = typename std::allocator_traits<Allocator>::pointer;
using const_pointer =
typename std::allocator_traits<Allocator>::const_pointer;
using iterator = typename vector_type::iterator;
using const_iterator = typename vector_type::const_iterator;
using reverse_iterator = typename vector_type::reverse_iterator;
using const_reverse_iterator =
typename vector_type::const_reverse_iterator;
explicit VectorSet(
const Compare &comp, const Allocator &alloc = Allocator());
explicit VectorSet(const Allocator &alloc);
template <class InputIt>
VectorSet(InputIt first, InputIt last, const Compare &comp = Compare(),
const Allocator &alloc = Allocator());
template <class InputIt>
VectorSet(InputIt first, InputIt last, const Allocator &alloc)
: VectorSet(first, last, Compare(), alloc)
VectorSet(const VectorSet &other);
VectorSet(const VectorSet &other, const Allocator &alloc);
VectorSet(VectorSet &&other);
VectorSet(VectorSet &&other, const Allocator &alloc);
VectorSet(std::initializer_list<value_type> init,
const Compare &comp = Compare(),
const Allocator &alloc = Allocator());
VectorSet(std::initializer_list<value_type> init, const Allocator &alloc)
: VectorSet(init, Compare(), alloc)
~VectorSet() = default;
iterator begin() noexcept;
const_iterator begin() const noexcept;
const_iterator cbegin() const noexcept;
iterator end() noexcept;
const_iterator end() const noexcept;
const_iterator cend() const noexcept;
reverse_iterator rbegin() noexcept;
const_reverse_iterator rbegin() const noexcept;
const_reverse_iterator crbegin() const noexcept;
reverse_iterator rend() noexcept;
const_reverse_iterator rend() const noexcept;
const_reverse_iterator crend() const noexcept;
bool empty() const noexcept;
size_type size() const noexcept;
size_type max_size() const noexcept;
void clear() noexcept;
std::pair<iterator, bool> insert(const value_type &value);
std::pair<iterator, bool> insert(value_type &&value);
iterator insert(const_iterator hint, const value_type &value);
iterator insert(const_iterator hint, value_type &&value);
template <class InputIt> void insert(InputIt first, InputIt last);
void insert(std::initializer_list<value_type> ilist);
template <class... Args>
std::pair<iterator, bool> emplace(Args &&...args);
template <class... Args>
iterator emplace_hint(const_iterator hint, Args &&...args);
iterator erase(iterator pos);
iterator erase(const_iterator pos);
iterator erase(const_iterator first, const_iterator last);
size_type erase(const Key &key);
void swap(VectorSet &other);
// void swap( set& other ) noexcept(/* see below */); C++17, if it makes
// sense, maybe the noexcept specification should be the same as for
// vector.
size_type count(const Key &key) const;
template <class K> size_type count(const K &x) const;
iterator find(const Key &key);
const_iterator find(const Key &key) const;
template <class K> iterator find(const K &x);
template <class K> const_iterator find(const K &x) const;
bool contains(const Key &key) const;
template <class K> bool contains(const K &x) const;
std::pair<iterator, iterator> equal_range(const Key &key);
std::pair<const_iterator, const_iterator> equal_range(
const Key &key) const;
template <class K> std::pair<iterator, iterator> equal_range(const K &x);
template <class K>
std::pair<const_iterator, const_iterator> equal_range(const K &x) const;
iterator lower_bound(const Key &key);
const_iterator lower_bound(const Key &key) const;
template <class K> iterator lower_bound(const K &x);
template <class K> const_iterator lower_bound(const K &x) const;
iterator upper_bound(const Key &key);
const_iterator upper_bound(const Key &key) const;
template <class K> iterator upper_bound(const K &x);
template <class K> const_iterator upper_bound(const K &x) const;
key_compare key_comp() const;
value_compare value_comp() const;
} // namespace SUBol
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