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......@@ -231,7 +231,7 @@ All informations about Charlicloud can be found on its [Charliecloud documentati
1. #### Create or get Docker image
Docker is installed on dw[01-04] workers in gpulab cluster. You can access them using
Docker is installed on dw[01-05] workers in gpulab cluster. You can access them using
`srun -p debug-lp --pty bash` command.
......@@ -239,11 +239,19 @@ You can either pull already prepared Docker image (e.g. for TensorFlow) or you m
You will make this step only once for the given UDSS.
Of course, you must begin the whole workflow, if there is a new version of the UDSS.
If you are pulling a Docker image, use `sudo` command
`sudo docker pull dockertag`
If you are building your own Docker image, Charliecloud offers simplified version of Docker invocation
`ch-build -t dockertag .`
which must be run on dw[01-04] workers.
which must be run on dw[01-05] workers.
Latest versions of Charliecloud added a new command `ch-grow`, which builds an image in unprivileged mode from Dockerfile.
This command doesn't need Docker, it can be run anywhere.
Moreover, using `ch-grow` command allows you to skip the workflow step 2, because it immediately builds a directory image.
2. #### Create tar/directory or SquashFS image from Docker image
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