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<p class="u-mb-10"><span class="u-block">Hello!</span>
I´m Petr and I do science. <br />
I work in Prague in low temperature magnetic laboratory <a href="">MGML</a>.
I work at low temperature magnetic laboratory <a href="">MGML</a> in Prague .
<!--<p class="u-mb-10">
In my free time I make <a href="">things</a>.
If you are interrested in iot, smart home, loxone, alexa, onion omega, arduino follow to
<b><a href="">my makers blog KUTIL</a></b>.
<a class="c-button c-button--bold-text u-mb-30" href="#">download cv</a>-->
<h3 class="u-mb-10">Featured publications:</h3>
<a href=""><p class="u-mb-10" >Petr Čermák et al., <b>PNAS 116</b> (2019) 6695-6700</p></a>
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